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your waste

Remove waste onsite to create energy and recover valuable resources



your waste

Remove waste onsite to create energy and recover valuable resources


an offer you can’t


Remove waste onsite to create energy and recover valuable resources


energy you can


Remove waste onsite to create energy and recover valuable resources


We excel with waste and water process challenges

We are an innovative process technology group with a vast amount of experience in the design and supply of integrated process systems. Our products and solutions are in action around the globe saving our clients time & money as well as exceeding environmental targets.

We are able to offer expertise in a number of key areas, including:

Waste Treatment

- onsite waste destruction and medium scale energy from waste

Produced Water

Treatment - upgrades, enhancements & problem solving

We are always up for a challenge!

How the technology works

By destroying waste streams in the absence of oxygen, energy is released as a gas which can then be used to generate heat steam or power. Oxidising some of this gas within the unit will ensure it self-sustain and therefore requires no external fuel once at operating temperature. The waste is the fuel. The inert solid fraction can then be recovered for re-use.

Watch the process in action. 
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This pyrolysis based process allows the site to destroy its own waste and generate energy in a form that can provide most benefit.

The system is controllable and therefore can be optimised for specific waste streams or sites and as it is also modular can be expanded should volumes increase.


Saving costs, emissions time and the environment

Mobile environment

Application: destruction of unplanned, one-off or batches of waste on-site.

Throughput: 100 - 150kg/hr

Output: 600/700kw/hr or 50kw/hr

Small usage environment

Application: onsite commercial and industrial premises, including hospitals.

Throughput: 250 - 300kg/hr - (2,000 tonnes per annum) 

Output: 900kw/hr (thermal) or 150kWe + recoverable bi-product

Medium usage environment

Application: : larger waste arisings generating significant power.

Throughput: 1250 - 1350kg/hr - (10,000 tonnes per annum)

Output: 4,500kw/hr (thermal) or 1.5mWe

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Our experts will show you how you can take advantage of onsite waste removal and energy generation. Please contact us to arrange your consultation.

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Cost Savings:

As well as waste destruction (and the associated financial savings) there is the added benefit of energy recovery, which can achieve savings of over £100k per annum (depending upon customer feed volumes).


The volume of waste is reduced considerably to an inert char/ash, typically 5-10% of the inlet waste volume. The gas produced is completed in the absence of oxygen and side reactions are reduced making it cleaner than other technologies.


Reduced vehicle movement, circular economy product recovery and greatly reduced landfill can reflect positively on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


The unit can be located in close proximity to the waste arising and used in combination with existing boiler to provide electricity, heating, hot water or absorption chilling – making integration (greenfield or brownfield) straight forward.


Minimal visual footprint and low noise; low emissions and reduced carbon footprint; low electrical power consumption; self-sustaining heat generation, only requires fuel at start up

DPS Process Solutions

Direct purchase options - cut waste costs now

DPS Process Solutions supply and intergrate Pyrovore units on a capital purchase basis.

Talk to our DPS Process Solutions specialist team to organise a consultation and an invitation to see Pyrovore in action.

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DPS Waste Responders

Lease the Pyrovore and spread your savings

DPS Waste Responders can offer flexible own and operate or leasing packages and would be delighted to discuss option available.

Talk to our DPS Waste Responders specialist team to organise a consultation and an invitation to see Pyrovore in action.

Tel 01275 741071


Case studies

See how DPS-PS and Pyrovore benefited various clients and help them attain their waste and environmental ambitions.

Case Study 1 - HMS OCEAN

Client: UK MoD
Completion: 2008/2010
Scope: ST150 operating on HMS Ocean

2 years of extensive testing was undertaken by MoD Requirement to process 120kg per hour of waste was surpasssed Processed a wide range of waste streams from food waste to oil sludges Very high availability throughout normal operation Average 7% char residue Ongoing product support and enhancement since 2011.

Case Study 1 - HMS OCEAN

Case Study 2 – US ARMY

Client: US ARMY
Completion: 2011
Scope: ST150 for Land Forces / FOB

Containerised unit for US Army
1,000tpa mixed waste
Power Generation  2 x ISO containers
(20 x 8 x 8ft) positioned and then bolted together
Minimal Infrastructure
Ideal for remote locations and increased mobility.

Case Study 2 – US ARMY


Client: Confidential
Completion: April 2017
Scope: On-site industrial waste

Following several months technical due diligence, a unit was installed in a factory to destroy old product and recover elements for re-use.
Currently located in Leicestershire.


About us

DPS are an experienced process technology company with a long track record in the upstream oil and gas industry, which we are bringing to the waste to energy industry.

The combination of practical expertise and innovation thinking offers dynamic solutions around a robust patent portfolio. Expertise in:

  • Compact package design
  • Global experience
  • Specialisation in waste, water and sludge.
  • Offshore, maritime and challenging locations.
About Us
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Over the years DPS have built an extensive reference list of proven projects, delivering complete turnkey packages and processes. All of our process designs are accompanied by guarantees even if our international partners prefer to carry out local fabrication. 

As waste and water is an issue everywhere, we are always looking for new partners and friends across the globe.

Produced water treatment

Produced water treatment

DPS have produced water treatment experience spanning many decades and utilising our patent portfolio are able to offer compact, robust and innovative solutions technically and commercially.